Tel aviv suburbs, Plane to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, July 29 - August 10, 2002

Tel aviv suburbs

Стоковые векторные изображения. Tel Aviv is Berlin with the sea. Поиск по изображению.

Tel aviv suburbs

Another busy artery of the city is Allenby Street, the beginning of which can be seen in the photo below. A piece near the embankment is a cozy area with hotels, cafes, offices and shops, a more remote part - with a branch towards Shenkin Street - is especially lively at night - pubs, clubs, sex shops, incredibly loud music.

While Jerusalem is praying and Haifa is working But the most beautiful views of Tel Aviv are still the views of the embankment.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful embankments I have seen in my life. In the photo below, in the foreground you can see my favorite cafe Yot-Vata - one of several chain cafes throughout Israel.

Very tasty milk-fruit and simple fruit cocktails.

This Is Israel? 🇮🇱 - Rough Side of Tel Aviv...

At first I was extremely surprised by the huge containers for plastic bottles placed throughout the city. And in Israel they collect it in iron containers.

Tel aviv suburbs

Such an amazing combination of ultra-modern Western high-rises with Middle Eastern buildings in the style of the suburbs of Cairo - all surrounded by palm trees and bathed in bright sunshine. And there are also amazingly beautiful sunsets.

Contact Us. Tel Aviv: a Middle Eastern city with a European face 45 photos.

Tel aviv suburbs

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Tel aviv suburbs

Tel Aviv-Yafo. The Diamond Exchange. Mini Israel.

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Abu Ghosh Promotion Language: Russian. The first point of the tour is the open-air Mini-Israel Museum.

Tel aviv suburbs

There you will see mockups of all the important landmarks of the country at a scale of Then we go to old Yafo - this is an ancient port city on the Mediterranean Sea. You will see the Andromeda rock, the bridge of desires, an extraordinary Departure from Tel Aviv,. А может вы получите вовсе что-то эксклюзивное и секретное, чего нет на сайте!

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В чем изюминка моего города Tel Aviv is Berlin with the sea. Что особенного могу показать Stroll around Tel Aviv neighborhoods and notice the striking difference between them, visit the studio of my artists friends in the artistic quarter, explore the labyrinth of a 7-floor biggest bus one floor is dedicated to graffiti , introduce tropical plants and pick the edible ones, visit the Israeli market, travel to Jerusalem for a pub crawl, go to underground techno or electronic party and most importantly — meet locals, my friends, who will give an even wider perspective on the city.

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